Present Continuous Tense

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Present Continuous Tense
July 3, 2016 English,Tense admin

Present Continuous Tense refers the progress of work , It shows work is not completed yet. Hindi : Vakyo ke anta mai “Rha hai, Rhi hai, Rhe hai” ata hai . Example : Mai ja rhi hu Tum kyo ro rhe ho Mata ji Temple ja rhi hai   Affirmative (Positive) Sentence Use am with

How to Boost Your Logo Design Skills
March 1, 2016 articles admin

    Things in logo design field change extreme quickly both in creative and technical aspects. You can master technical skills quite easily but creativity is something that requires constant concentration and improvement. Don’t expect to learn everything overnight. Prepare to spend countless number of hours and practice regularly. What’s more important – be patient!

February 20, 2016 Math admin

ADDITION TRICKS If we see to the scientific definition given by Aristotle, we get to know that “Mathematics is a science of Quantity”, which means it’s a systematic and structured study of the physical behavior of an observation or an experiment. Maths has four main limbs that perform all the operations involved in the solving

Future Indefinite Tense
February 17, 2016 English,Tense admin

Future Indefinite tense shows the action in future but it does not know whether the work is completed or not.In this tense will/shall are used as main verb and First form of verb will be used. Hindi : Aise vakyo ke anta mai Ga hai, Ge hai, Gi hai ate hai. Use shall with I,

present indefinite tense
February 17, 2016 English,Tense admin

Introduction of  Tenses: We human beings are gifted with the power of speech, which we use as an ability to speak or articulate our thoughts and views. Speaking is a property of humans by virtue of which they can communicate with others easily. Through speaking we can narrate a story to somebody, we can express

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Past indefinite tense
January 31, 2016 English,Tense admin

Definition of Past Indefinite Tense The Past Indefinite Tense, commonly known as Basic or Simple Past Tense is used to describe an event or series of events or a habit that has occurred and has been completed in the past, irrespective of the time frame.   Features of Past Indefinite Tense: Usually Second form of

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January 11, 2016 Uncategorized admin

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