Present Continuous Tense refers the progress of work , It shows work is not completed yet.

Hindi : Vakyo ke anta mai “Rha hai, Rhi hai, Rhe hai” ata hai .

Example :

  • Mai ja rhi hu
  • Tum kyo ro rhe ho
  • Mata ji Temple ja rhi hai


Affirmative (Positive) Sentence

  • Use am with Subject ” I “.
  • Use is with subject “he,she,it”
  • Use are with subject “You, We ,They”

Here is/are/am is using as helping verb, Use ing with verb

Subject + is/ are/ am + verb + ing + object.

Example :

  • I am eating mangoes.
  • He is playing cricket.
  • She is singing a song.
  • You are taking lunch.
  • Mother is reading newspaper.


Negative Sentence

Subject + is/ are/ am + not  + verb + ing + object

Example :

  • Ram is not going to Delhi.
  • Rohan is not singing a song.
  • He is not playing cricket.
  • You are not calling me.


Interrogative Sentence

Is/ are/ am + Subject + verb +ing + object.

Question Word + is/ are/ am + Subject + verb + ing + object.

Example :

  • Where is he going.
  • Where are You going.
  • When is she coming.
  • Is he going to Delhi.
  • Are you coming to Mumbai.
  • Am I eating the food.
  • Which boy is not going to Delhi


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