Things in logo design field change extreme quickly both in creative and technical aspects. You can master technical skills quite easily but creativity is something that requires constant concentration and improvement. Don’t expect to learn everything overnight. Prepare to spend countless number of hours and practice regularly. What’s more important – be patient!

If you are determined to become a heavyweight logo designer, to impress everyone with your works – learning is what you’ll have to do. It is fundamental to freshen your interests and expand your skills. However, busy work schedules or freelance careers can prevent you from finding new experiences.

Here are some recommendations to enhance your logo design skills:


  • Make a collection


Look around – there are great designs everywhere around you! When you see designs that you admire, save them for your colle

ction. Sooner or later if you need some inspiration you’ll definitely use them. Or you can simply take a piece of each design and create your own. Possibilities are limitless.


  • Find a web developer friend


You’ve probably seen that companies prefer designers who can code or at least know coding basics. Having a friend who is a web developer might be a good way to learn a few things. Of course there are dozens of tutorials online but learning from somebody is way better.


  • Consider signing up for a course


If you are missing on some particular skill that is important for your logo design carrier, consider taking a course. There are many colleges and universities that let you attend classes without full-time enrollment. You will definitely learn many new things, meet new people and be able to ask your teacher specific questions.

There are also sites like and, if you want to study from home.


  • Start an assessment meeting


You surely have some fellow designers whom you can trust. Meet with them, show your works, ask for feedback and constructive criticism. Views from the outside will give you valuable insights and help to evaluate your logo design skills and what you need to work on.


  • Freelance


Consider taking some freelance orders. An additional experience has never hurt anyone. Plus, such work will definitely enhance your communication, time management and problem solving skills, boost your confidence and bring in some cash.


  • Read design blogs


A huge source of inspiration and information about design is here on the net. Read designers’ blogs, find tutorials and lessons.

The world of design never stops changing, to keep up with trends you need to follow your favorite design blogs with awesome articles, news and tips. Comment on posts, communicate with bloggers to have a good sense of what is in the mainstream.

Look into these web sites with beautiful designs to get inspiration:




  • Join the design community


Designers’ communities will supply you with the latest news and trends but what is more important, they will give you a chance to upload your own works and get feedback from community members. Get ready for critique in order to improve your skills. You should always speak to the ones who are better than you, who are more experienced in that area in order to learn from them.


  • Never stop creating


If you are free and don’t have any orders, create mock projects and design logos for companies that you like. Later on you may need these ideas for your real projects. Besides this will develop your creativity.


  • Copy others’ designs and your own


How can redoing other designs be helpful? It will make you proficient in design by showing you what was done wrong and how you can improve it.

Don’t delete your old works. Instead keep them to see how you have progressed and improved your skills. Try to modify them and make them better.


  • Have a personal website


You need a place where you can try new things and create individual projects. A personal website is perfect for this. Use it as your playground, have fun, implement unusual ideas, use unconventional colors and layouts. You are your own boss here.  Pretend like you are doing a job for someone, build your portfolio.


  • Travel


Other countries with their unique culture bring excitement, lots of energy and creativity. Travel as much as you can to open up your mind and find inspiration.


  • Keep a sketchbook


Don’t underestimate the importance of carrying a sketchbook with you all the time. Inspiration can come from anything, anywhere, you might not even really expect some ideas to come. With a sketchbook by your side you can quickly jot them down and use later in your designs.


Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you need to be constantly updating your design skills. You can easily improve your logo design skills by following the points mentioned above.

What are some of your tips to becoming a better logo designer that we can add to our list?



Brian Jens works at DesingContest logo company as a web designer and a writer. He always keeps abreast of modern trends. Brian loves to do research and share the results with his readers. Feel free to ask him for a top-notch article if you have an interesting idea.

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