The question arises every year, at the time of vows and good resolutions. For the developers, it is a question of knowing which languages they must absolutely know, on which they will invest.

One thing that is also important to note is that no matter what language you take, make sure you work hard and be patient in your learning.

This is a difficult question and one that leads to subjective answers. I will try to be objective based on certain criteria. I leave the postulate that the best languages to learn in 2018 are languages whose use will grow over the years, which are promising in terms of employment, …. Nowadays and in the years to come, there are strong trends that will increase:

  • Creation of startups: need for development of web and mobile applications, prototypes of projects, reduction of Time To Market projects (need to develop projects quickly)
  • Internet Of Things, Artificial Intelligence, embedded development on mobile devices (other than IOS, Android, window phone, …)
  • New concepts related to blockchain (smart contracts, bitcoin, …)


The choice of languages to learn is not easy in view of all its developments and trends.
The most popular languages: the more popular a language is, the more likely it is to persist over time.

1 – Java

Java is leading, although the number of new jobs created around this language has decreased in 2017.
Java can develop web and mobile applications (Android). Being well established in companies, I think it’s a language to know
It is estimated that there are about eight million Java developers in the world and billions of devices carrying Java code, including, of course, Android mobiles. In addition, 90% of the 500 Fortune users use Java code for BackOffice applications on their servers.
Java is not necessarily right for Android app development. It existed well before Android and is a language that is very well known and appreciated. It was originally designed in response to the complexity of C ++ and today millions of companies around the world use Java in one way or another in their technical needs.

Java is used in the financial and scientific fields and it helps to develop so-called enterprise applications, specifically in high traffic environments. It is prized for its speed.

Java also likes object-oriented structure and a bit like C ++ it’s not the sexiest language on the list, but it’s definitely one of the languages to know in your life. As I said at the beginning Java is also the language of choice for creating Android applications and its demand in the last years has gone up for this reason.

But there are other ways to create apps for Android that might surprise you.

2 – Javascript

With the appearance of complete javascrit stacks (MEANJS for example), front frameworks (AngularJS, ReactJS …). This is a language that we can not do without if we do web development.

JavaScript is now used by 80% of the developers and in 95% of the websites. TechRepublic clarifying that JavaScript now benefits from quite remarkable APIs, AngularJS and React, for example, to which we will add Node.JS, which has completely transformed the writing of heavily used Web server codes and gave rise to a real rush to the JavaScript “packagers”, such as NPM for Node, or even Yarn and Bower.

A bit like PHP, JavaScript is a language we like to hate. And before I go on, JavaScript has absolutely nothing to do with Java. Neither his inventor nor his target audience. The creators of the language just needed a commercial hit by using the Java name and named it that way. Nothing more.

Long associated with intrusive popups and scripts that go off without being wanted, Javascript has not always had a good reputation in the eyes of people but its existence is necessary.
JavaScript is the perfect language to learn for beginners. Its learning curve is low and it reuses notions of all common programming languages.

Javascript is a crucial language to learn if you want to do web development. What makes Javascript so successful is that it is built into the database in web browsers. It is therefore the default language for frontend development for the interactive part and must be learned from basic with HTML and CSS.

But one thing that is exciting with Javascript is that it is a more versatile language than many people think. Long used as a client-side language, it is now possible to create a server-side website with Javascript. What does that mean? Javascript can now communicate with databases while dealing with interactivity with the user, thanks to NodeJS

Javascript is also a very good language for creating native applications for both iOS and Android. As it is a language that is installed on all devices, even mobile, it is a tool of choice to create applications that can run on multiple platforms. Several frameworks like Angular and React have opened up a world of huge possibilities for Javascript in any Android app development company.

It is versatile and accessible on both learning and supported platforms and utilities. You can create a web and mobile project from A to Z with Javascript. Very impressive.

3 – Python

Python: To my surprise is still gaining popularity. I think it’s a good language. Combined with the Django framework, we can make beautiful web applications. In second place, chose Python. For which the new jobs created in 2017 were practically at the same level as those of Java. But the site also points out – and we join it – that Python is the number 1 language of the scientific community, extended to the issues of Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, etc. He met a great success, which earned him for LeMarson the fourth place in the charts. Recognized by many as a Web language with its Django framework, Python is much more than that. In fact, Python is a very used language and in demand and several reasons can explain this.

  •  The syntax of Python is beautiful to read and beautiful to write. It is easily comparable to pseudo-code. As it is a high level language, it is accessible to learn. The clarity of the code in powerful language has allowed Python to become popular with millions of people around the world.

That’s also why the Python community is one of the most popular coder communities in the world.

  • It’s the language of the future. Python is the language most commonly used by data analysts because of its very advanced and complex computational capabilities. He will be very present in artificial intelligence and machine learning in the future.


No wonder, for example, that it is one of the number one tools of Google, Facebook, NASA, NASDAQ, Dropbox and many others. YouTube, Pinterest, Spotify and Instagram also use Python in their backend. Finally, if you like to earn a lot of money Python is also one of the most popular languages ​​on the market offering a very high salary. Python is a powerful super language, easy to learn, with great versatility. It is undoubtedly THE language of the future in addition to being in great demand on the market. For all this, Python is probably the language that I consider most interesting to learn.

4 – C

This is an important language for the embedded. It is also the language to learn if you want to understand the basic concepts of information languages. Microsoft’s C # appears behind this quartet. But here again we do not follow TechRepublic, because C # may be an excellent language, which has benefited from the skills of Anders Hejlsberg and relies on the very famous platform Visual Studio and .NET, it is not less a disappointment.

Market shares of C # are not high compared to Java and C and only ASP.NET in the .NET family has managed to win.That said, we must also take into account that Microsoft is moving more and more towards centralized server solutions, to the detriment of the workstation. Mathematically, C # will benefit from this evolution.

The number two is a very popular language too and is versatile. The home language of Microsoft, the C #. C # is the language to learn if you want to break into the Microsoft universe. It is the default language for creating applications on the .NET platform. There are so many things that make C # one of the languages ​​to learn for the future.

  • From 1, it is an accessible language to learn, which also encourages the object-oriented structure.
  • From 2, If you want to develop video games on Unity, knowledge of C # is the most important prerequisite. Also, C # is a very versatile language in many spheres, making it a language that is very much in demand on the job market.

Since 2016 the .NET platform is open source. This democratizes the development of software and applications natively usable on Android, iOS and Windows platforms, thanks to Xamarin software.

With C # you will be able to create applications, games, software and websites with only one very powerful language professionally supported by millions of developers around the world. For all this, C # deserves the second place. But if there is a programming language that many people like and that offers even more value in the market is good …


5 – PHP

PHP is the Web language that runs nearly 80% of the Web and has been the base of several known websites like Facebook and Wikipedia. PHP is important if you also want to learn how to exploit the full potential of WordPress development, the most widely used CMS in the world. PHP is a language that is not strict both on its writing and on its structure and it makes it very flexible and easy to learn but it is also its big weakness. Since everyone can easily learn PHP, it’s easy to create crappy code in a short time. If you are an independent or professional developer, the popularity of a language is an excellent selection criterion. Measured by PYPL, the popularity indicator PYPL allows to observe the evolution of trends such as the consistency of Java for web and mobile applications (Android) or the loss of speed of PHP.  “The strength of PHP is based on powerful frameworks like Symfony which has no limit that your own imagination,” said Guillaume of the agency TheTribe, specialist in Symfony techno.


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